The Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry of

Jack Manor

"Behold, I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious cornerstone, and he who believes in Him will not be disappointed" (1 Pt. 2:6).

Business Model

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We desire that 100% of public donations for missions go to spread the Gospel of Jesus as far as possible, especially in hard places like prisons and among poverty-stricken people groups, to strengthen churches, and to help people find and experience the life for which God created them. Accomplishing this mission requires providing resources such as Bibles, Bible study materials, discipleship courses, evangelism tracts, Christian resources for incarcerated men, pastor’s training materials and sermon preparation resources, alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment costs, and life-help resources for people who are struggling to live out their Christian faith.

Eighteen months into our startup, we realized that we also need to be generous to our staff ministers and employees who join the ministry and to our Executive Director who takes care of the day-to-day operations and bears the heavy load of ministry. This need birthed The 100% Model that divides our ministry funding between mission and operating costs. Since we treat the missions and operations sides of our ministry differently, with separate purposes and separate funds, we can guarantee that every public dollar donated for missions helps change people’s lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The 100% Model

So, how do we pay our operating costs?

We depend on a group of generous, public donors to fund all of our operating expenses. This plan calls for much prayer, total dependence upon God as the persuader of hearts, and diligent effort toward securing donors. We believe in this model deeply and remain committed to its success. We hope our transparency will attract support from passionate donors who are enthusiastic fundraisers and partners who believe, as we do, that every person regardless of their station in life needs to experience the new life God offers through faith in and obedience to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Our business model is powered by a dedicated group of public donors called The King’s Court. These individuals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders fund our operating costs such as staff salaries, travel, office expenses, legal and accounting, insurance, equipment, and fundraising. By committing to ongoing support for operations funding, The King’s Court provides stability and confidence to plan for the future. These donors come alongside us as partners and advocates for 1P26 Ministries. Like any nonprofit, we need committed and resilient investors who believe in and support our business model, so we can stay focused on what matters most—spreading the Gospel of Jesus as far as possible especially in hard places like prisons and among poverty-stricken people groups, strengthening churches, and helping people find and experience the life for which God created them. These supporters are amazing people who understand our mission and are satisfied with nothing in return except knowing that they are playing a crucial part in people’s lives being radically changed for the present and for eternity.

Business partners belong to our giving community called The Second Mile Club. Members of this donor group provide the means to reward our employees through compensation that includes salaries and goes beyond to provide benefits such as retirement savings and medical, dental, and vision insurance. Business partnerships are another way to ensure that all public donations for missions go directly to the mission. This generous group of companies support our staff’s compensation and benefits package and operations expenses through corporate gifts and other means tailored to each company's uniqueness.

We would love to have your support in spreading the gospel as far as possible and, in the process, seeing lives transformed by the forgiveness, grace, and word of God. However, if you, your business, or your business policies require that we compromise our Christian belief or Biblical truth in any way whatsoever as a condition of your gift, we respectfully decline to accept your donation.

Business Partnerships

100% funds

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